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West Virginia BBQ Festival news…

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Cox Camping

View from Cox Camping

News We Could Use!

Cox Camping’s owner Vic C. Cox is in secret negotiations with Big Fat Daddy’s owner Wayne Schafer it appears, over hosting the Hogging Up (West Virginia) BBQ Festival.  

Currently there is a “Hogging Up” festival each June in  Clear Brook Virginia right off Route 11 at the old fairgrounds.   The website “” indicates it’s a KCBS State Championship BBQ competition and a music festival with vendors, crafters, and activities including a rare BBQ tour where the BBQ guys talk to the public about their craft.  Admission there is between $5-$8 per day.

Oddly, the Hogging website indicates that festival is still on for June 27-29th of this year, 2014, but we couldn’t help but notice the Hogging Up West Virginia website “” has cropped up indicating a date of October 24-25th 2014.

A source, sent us this:

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Spanish Mannequin Head

Upcycled Mannequin

Mannequin Head Ira Mency


Upcycled Alterred Mannequin Head by Ira Mency 2012

Dimensions: 5″ w x 11″ h

Vintage newspaper, in Spanish,  on top of retired styrofoam mannequin.

Status: Available on Etsy.

Urban Chick Mannequin

Ira mency

ira mency mannequin

“Urban Chic”

Upcycled Alterred Mannequin Head by Ira Mency

Dimensions: 5″ w x 11″ h

Vintage wrapping paper on top of retired styrofoam mannequin.

Status:   Available on Etsy.

Erector Scrap Board Collage

Ira Mency Collage


“Erector Toy”

Mixed Media Collage by Ira Mency

Dimensions: 5″ w x 3.5″ h

Part of the “Barn Board Series” due to the fact it’s made with recycled scrap wood.

Status:   Available on Etsy.

Dolly N Me Assemblage

ira mency sculpture

“Dolly N Me”

Assemblage by Ira Mency

Altered Art on old cribbage board, with found objects and discarded toys.

Dimensions:  18 “x 6″

Status: Unavailable