Artist Statement / CV

Ira Mency Toy Art Recycled

Artist Statement: I only use the discarded, the broken or the forgotten in my work. Aside from glue, I do not buy NEW components. All components are either found (trash, second hand, curbside) or given to me by my community. I use a lot of broken toys and antiques in my art that would otherwise end up in a landfill. My art is not for everyone. I am glad I can use my art to raise awareness for organizations.

About Me: I am a self taught visionary artist.  Although my real career is Marketing and writing,  I do have clients I design displays or recycled works for.    “Ira Mency” is an anagram for my name, Cyn Marie. I began taking my art seriously in 2008.   I use my art as a means for raising money for charity.  I believe art heals.


Member: International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists

Owner:  Assemblage Art Blog

Writer , Handmadeology

Past President: Etsy Recyclers Guild

Find My Art:



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