Artist Statement / CV

Ira Mency Toy Art Recycled

Artist Statement: I only use the discarded, the broken or the forgotten in my work. Aside from glue, I do not buy NEW components. All components are either found (trash, second hand, curbside) or given to me by my community. I use a lot of broken toys and antiques in my art that would otherwise end up in a landfill. My art is not for everyone. I am glad I can use my art to raise awareness for organizations.

About Me: I am a self taught visionary artist.  Although my real career is Marketing and writing,  I do have clients I design displays or recycled works for.    “Ira Mency” is an anagram for my name, Cyn Marie. I began taking my art seriously in 2008.   I use my art as a means for raising money for charity.  I believe art heals. My work has been sold for charity, featured in museums, and my retro Etsy Shop in the Etsypreneur book by Jason Malanik.

My Affiliations (Present, Last Updated Feb 2022)

I am editor of MelmacCentral (A website with a million visitors looking up vintage plastics) keep the plastics out of the landfill and in your home!

Host of RetroChalet: Podcast Living a Vintage Life Podcast – use the vintage in your day to day life and keep it out of the landfill!

Host of Nature Chalet Podcast – Reducing your carbon footprint

International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists

Past Affiliations include:   writer for Assemblage Art Blog & staff writer for Handmadeology site.  Past President: Etsy Recyclers Guild

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