Mixed Media Assemblage : C is for Clown

mixed media assemblage

iramency art

“C is for Clown”
Toy Block Assemblage by Ira Mency
Dimensions: 5.25″h x 1 5/8″w
*This Item is Part of the “Toy Block Series”
Was featured in “Toying with Art” Exhibit at Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC.

Status:  Available for exhibit (Contact the Artist) or for sale on Etsy here.

ira mency artwork

Happy Clown Assemblage

toy assemblage

“Happy Clown”
Assemblage by Ira Mency
Dimensions: 10.5″h x 5″w
Discarded Toys & Forgotten Parts Including:
Erector Set
Springs from Rocking Horse
Old Rubber Clown Face
Typewriter Keys
Car Numbers
Faux Gauge

Status:  Available for exhibit Contact the artist.or sale.

ira mency sculpture

Etsy Shop Banners


“Custom Etsy Shop Banners”

Graphics by Ira Mency

Custom work from your photos, or made from scratch. See what is available here.

Select Etsy Shop Banners available for Free at Ira Mency Designs

Etsy Shop Banners Ira Mency

Upcycled Fashion Diary

ira mency upcycled diary

“Keep It” Fashion Diary
Decoupaged with old ephemera by Ira Mency

Dimensions: 4 3/8″ by 6 1/8 ” Around 65-68 lined pages.

Status: Available for sale here.
Wholesale orders, 40% off MSRP minimum piece count 20.

Fate Will Prevail Assemblage Plight of the Dinosaurs

ira mency fate assemblage

“Fate” Assemblage by Ira Mency
“Fight As He May, Fate Would Prevail”
Inspired by the West Memphis Three , Plight of the Dinosaurs
This is part of the Toy Block Series.
Vintage parts doubled with original collage.
Dimensions: 14″x 7″, with sign
Status: On Display, Was originally being sold to raise money for the WM3. See article here.


Clothing for Big Fat Daddy’s BBQ

big fat daddys shirts by Ira Mency

I’ve been busy designing exclusively for Big Fat Daddy’s.  Shirts, hand painted signs, website redesign, you name it.  This is what happens when you marry a famous barbecue guy, a pitmaster if you will.  Expect to be whisked away from town to town with no time to do much of anything anymore besides grilling cows and pigs sightseeing. It takes a while initially to learn to go from upscale office girl with perfect nails to someone covered in beef blood and smudges of charcoal briquette. I guess it’s okay once you build up tolerance to the charcoal pit smoke inhalation and to accept the fact that you will, almost immediately, smell like a grilled onion for the best part of the day.

BigFatDaddys designed by IraMency

Typing, designing, and writing make for an easy day easy. However, cooking and slicing beef for the masses is not an easy task.  Usually the pits my husband makes burn real hardwood which sear the beef at 300 degrees or higher. Now stand behind that all day when it’s 90 to 105 degrees out.  You better be quick, and grill and cook to feed the masses because everyone comes at lunch and dinner and you have a steady flow of eaters in between.

Image of big fat daddys

So why did I put my second book deal on hold and step back from my art and writing career?  No time for artwork or even to mess with my Etsy anymore? Truth be told my husband takes a lot of pride in what he does but he’s no spring chicken anymore, in fact he’s celebrating 30 years barbecue and grilling and needed me to re-launch his brand.  I designed the 30th year anniversary shirts, all the designs you see here.

iramency designed

bigfatdaddys iramency

Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Production

So it was nice to see my designs go into production. I made sure to use a local printer within Pennsylvania because that’s where his business is. The designs are old time screen printed, and I made sure the shirts were made in the USA. The “Got Pork” Shirt is actually organic cotton.  How did they turn out?

Ira Mency

Meanwhile, I had to ask myself which of our careers is the here and now and better opportunity to make the cake. That would be his, because for now, people have to eat.  Ride the wave and do what he loves to do now, I can always write and make art in the future.   Summer is coming and I’ll be busy. He’s tweeting to over 21,000 people about his barbecue. I bet they all come to eat at once.

Custom T-Shirt Line 

Designed by Ira Mency

  • Women’s Shirts Short Sleeve V-Neck
  • Organic Cotton Men’s Got Pork Shirts
  • Men’s Classic Soft Cotton TShirts College Style
  • Men’s Classic Soft Cotton TShirts 30 Years of Grilling Cows

Status: Available for Purchase at  BigFatDaddy’s official website or the Big Fat Daddy’s Store.

Pop Art Ring Ira Mency

ira mency ring pop art upcycled

“Pop Art Button Ring”
Mixed Media Jewelry by Ira Mency

Upcycling at it’s finest. Recycling old and damaged buttons into functional jewelry.
Status: Various adjustable rings available on Etsy.

Ira Mency Industrial Pendant

IraMency Industrial Pendant

“I’ve been designing a new line of pendants. My theme is to use old pieces and parts of broken jewelry, machinery, and all things industrial. Inspired by old watch parts, and combined with aluminum dog tags and Ball chain necklaces, I believe I’m onto something.”

Mixed Media Dog Tag Pendant and Ball Chain Necklace Series

Jewelry by Ira Mency

Cost varies $45-$55

Status:   Individual items for sale on  Etsy,

Available for Store Distribution,  Minimum Piece Count 20 for Wholesale Orders  Contact the Artist.

Pop Art Bobby Pins

Pop Art by Ira Mency

“Disco Diva Bobby Pins”
Hair Accessories / Adornments by Ira Mency

Part of the Pop Art Series
Vintage Bobby Pins adorned with Vintage Charms
Status: Sold. Other items available.