Upcycled Mannequin Ira MencyThis list has not been updated since 2014, as I sell my Art direct in my RetroChalet Etsy shop, but in the past I’ve honored to have used my art to raise money and worked with:

Hogging Up BBQ Festival – Virginia, Eco Trophies  2014, 2013

Hogging Up BBQ Festival – WV , Eco Trophies 2014

ASHA for the Kentucky Saddlebred Youth Association (See work here)

Basset Hound Rescue

Houston Holocaust Museum

West Memphis Three

Exhibits & Collections *Excluding Graphics*

Florentin Boutique – UK, Mannequin Displays 2009-Present

Houston Holocaust Museum : Butterfly Exhibit   Coming Soon   (View my work here.)

VSA  Arts Festival 2010  “Post Card Collage”

Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC  “Toying With Art” 2009-2010

Bibliography Including Print and Online Features

Art Talk in the City December 2012

Pdocx Feature – Nov 2012  Pendant ,   Fairy Collage    Happy Clown

Blend New York    Nov 2012

Etsy-Preneurship by Jason Malinak (Interview) Oct 2012

Hipwitz Craft Company   July 2011

Mattie Reid Chicago  February 2011

Naturally Festive January 2011

Mattie Reid Chicago January 2011

Environmental Graffiti  August 2010

Interview with Sunshine Daniels,  May 2010

The Blue Beacon May 2010

IMShopping January 2009

A Slip of A Girl  February 2008


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