Urban Chick Mannequin

ira mency mannequin

“Urban Chic”

Upcycled Alterred Mannequin Head by Ira Mency

Dimensions: 5″ w x 11″ h

Vintage wrapping paper on top of retired styrofoam mannequin.

Status:   Available on Etsy.

Sunny Side Up Assemblage Object

Mixed Media Ira MEncy

“Sunny Side Up Wall Art”
Mixed Media Assemblage by Ira Mency
Gives life to old buttons, and discarded fry pan.
Status: Sold.

Luna Assemblage

Ira Mency Assemblage


Mixed Media Assemblage by Ira Mency

Large Installation Custom Work for Client

Dimensions:  24″ x 20″ x 12″

Status:  Sold, with one half proceeds to charity.

Mixed Media Assemblage : C is for Clown

mixed media assemblage

iramency art

“C is for Clown”
Toy Block Assemblage by Ira Mency
Dimensions: 5.25″h x 1 5/8″w
*This Item is Part of the “Toy Block Series”
Was featured in “Toying with Art” Exhibit at Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC.

Status:  Available for exhibit (Contact the Artist) or for sale on Etsy here.

ira mency artwork

Happy Clown Assemblage

toy assemblage

“Happy Clown”
Assemblage by Ira Mency
Dimensions: 10.5″h x 5″w
Discarded Toys & Forgotten Parts Including:
Erector Set
Springs from Rocking Horse
Old Rubber Clown Face
Typewriter Keys
Car Numbers
Faux Gauge

Status:  Available for exhibit Contact the artist.or sale.

ira mency sculpture