Erector Scrap Board Collage


“Erector Toy”

Mixed Media Collage by Ira Mency

Dimensions: 5″ w x 3.5″ h

Part of the “Barn Board Series” due to the fact it’s made with recycled scrap wood.

Status:   Available on Etsy.


Fate Will Prevail Assemblage Plight of the Dinosaurs

ira mency fate assemblage

“Fate” Assemblage by Ira Mency
“Fight As He May, Fate Would Prevail”
Inspired by the West Memphis Three , Plight of the Dinosaurs
This is part of the Toy Block Series.
Vintage parts doubled with original collage.
Dimensions: 14″x 7″, with sign
Status: On Display, Was originally being sold to raise money for the WM3. See article here.